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Big Sigh of Relief

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Scattered Clouds, 2016 — Convergent :: (click to see more)

I poured a third layer of resin on top of the first pigment only layer juuuust to be sure the crazy bubbling reaction wasn’t a reaction to the ink pigment and thankfully looks like it’s not. Which means it was a reaction to the backlit film ink receptive layer – weird, but oh well. So now I’m testing face mounting the backlit film to the acrylic back plane so it’s outside the resin and can’t react with it. And if that works then it’s onward with applying the ink layers.

Here’s the ink layer test results – you can kind of see the difference between the first and second pigment layers. The first image is back lit so you can get an impression of where this is going.

Mould Building #17

Mould Building #18

Mould Building #19

Mould Building #20

Here you can see the two imbedded layers – first the backlit film then the pigment ink layer.

Mould Building #21