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I had a recent conversation with my grandmother (on her 92nd birthday) about the direction I’m taking – or rather figuring out the direction TO take. At the time the conversation didn’t seem to really help but I think it served to pry something loose.

Later as I was driving home, I recalled an element I’ve been consistently drawn to  – a vanishing point. Just thinking about a vanishing point in terms of the shapes I was previously visualizing and attempting, has improved my mood. This is what I was trying to describe by saying the shape of the city – but really I think I was coming at it sideways.

So, I’ve got some tests to do today exploring a vanishing point – a convergence point in the image and I think it will involve clamping my camera to my bike… once again – since motion is likely the key or at least part of the answer.

That reminds me of a song from Shriekback– an 80’s UK band – “and its blue blue blue, colour and a surge, everything that rises must converge – she says one day soon, you and I will merge, everything that rises must converge.”