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Produce or Consume – that is the question

Light Signatures series, day, colour photograph, art, abstract, abstract expressionism, creative, city street, urban, downtown, cityscape, speed, blur, movement, motion, turquoise, muted, streaks, lines, sweeping, etching, patterns

Green Blue Striations Over Mauve (green and blue my two favourite colours), 2011 – Light Signatures :: (click to see more)

I’m still shooting every day for the Light Signatures project and some truly beautiful images have emerged like this one.

I’ve had a few days entirely to myself this past weekend which is… well I can’t remember the last time I had this kind of uninterrupted think time. It’s been years. What can I say, a busy life and a young son. Anyway, I’ve had a few days for some inner reflection.

It comes down to this – as always – what is my purpose in life. Am I simply a consumer or am I a producer. I prefer to produce, consumption alone is ultimately boring for me. Not that consumption doesn’t have appeal or wouldn’t be pleasant for a time, but ultimately I would feel empty and I would see little point in continuing to live. This isn’t to say that out of necessity I am not a consumer on some level or to some degree, just that I choose for that to not be my principle occupation.

I want to explore and create new ideas, like this one. I feel incredible when this kind of synergy occurs. I put myself in the right place, with the right frame of mind and the right tools and keep doing that until something additional happens – some outer influence that elevates what I’m doing to a level I couldn’t achieve alone. This is what makes me smile from my core. Its what makes my life worthwhile to me.