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When I woke up this morning it was super dark, cold, blustery and rainy. I just wanted to stay under the covers and forget about all my troubles. And its been a tough day of catching up with all manner of things. But just now I had to head out to deliver some art and wow. It’s sunny and warmer – a really nice cool fall day. Hard for me tell when I’m tucked away in my dark basement studio in the darkest corner away from the closed windows.

Its funny because this time of year I really tend to want to sleep a lot more and do less. Has to be the weather and the change in light.

I’ve been busy non-stop working on our house this past couple weeks converting it over to an on-demand hot water and heating system with a smart web connected thermostat complete with a heat recovery pipe for the waste water plus all the attendant removal of low hanging heating pipes. All messy dirty work that has left me worn out – but glad it’s done. Here’s hoping our carbon footprint is much reduced.

During all this I had some great feedback on this site from another artist that made me feel good about what I’ve done/am doing here, which has renewed my enthusiasm for it. All in all I’m thinking more about buckling down and completing a large chunk of Light Signatures and then … well, publicizing my site and heading out to see if I can get representation for this new work.

Lots for me to work on over the coming cold dark months of cave dwelling under my basement rock. Should be fun.