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Logical Conclusion

abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion, orange, green brown, vibrant
Unnamed Forty Seven — Sidelong :: (click image to see more)

Been quite a while since I last posted. Working hard to complete this Sidelong series because I’ve begun another body of work in addition to the China studies on Instagram and have yet another idea which I want to get out and begin test shooting for.

In my photographic explorations it feels possible there may be some logical conclusion with nowhere else to go. This is troubling of course because if I reach that conclusion then what. But maybe not. Probably there is another parallel thread to jump to and follow or maybe the supposed logical conclusion is a phantasm, a mirage on the horizon or even a horizon that can never be reached. Either way I try to only worry about this in a peripheral way. Mostly I’m thinking about what I’m doing and whether or not it interests me. Interest/boredom is the biggest concern for me. It’s a knife edge balance between challenging and impossible surrounded by boredom from familiarity. Ultimately though, concerns aside, I seek to reveal some essential elements of living here – now.