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My Own Path

abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion, grey, mauve, green, vibrant

Unnamed Eleven, 2017 — Side Slide :: (click to see more)

I’m very easily influenced by others and so it’s difficult for me to find my own path. This is true for all aspects of my personality. It can be good when it fires my imagination but it can be bad when it leads to imitation.

I once read a story about a society that tested and identified child artists and then kept them completely isolated so they could develop their own unique vision not influenced by their predecessors.

There was a musician who illegally managed to hear some Bach and instantly fell in love. He knew his keepers would discover his transgression unless he was careful so he made certain to omit any influence from Bach in his new compositions. He was however, caught. Unknown to him his music had always had many beautiful similarities to Bach and when they suddenly went missing his keepers knew he had broken the rule.