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Forget Me Not

I’ve been doing a lot of talking for… wow, going on 9 months now, and not so much producing images. I’m feeling really bad about that. It feels like a long lost life, oh so long ago. To be fair, its not like I haven’t done anything with all this time or rather anything creative – I have – I just haven’t had my head down pumping it out with all my might like I’d like to.

I find it really easy to get sidetracked, bogged down and overwhelmed, especially if I don’t have a clear goal and deadline in mind. I foolishly lead a far too complicated life and it takes it’s toll on my creative output. I swear I’m going to do something about it – and I do on a regular basis. I prune my life like a gardener prunes a bush in an attempt to shape it into something workable, enjoyable or just plain doable. But, it suffers from creep.

You know what creep is. Something in your life starts out innocuously small and somehow gradually over time it gets bigger and bigger until finally it has officially overtaken your morning/your afternoon/your day/you week.

Over the past 4 of those 9 months I’ve been struggling to a gradually greater degree with some serious hardware issues in my production environment that have caused me to spend a LOT of time fixing, trouble shooting and just plain struggling to keep up. But last week I think I finally put most of that to bed with a few straggly items to tick off the list this week. Which means I’ll be able to aim the intense search light beam of my attention on some creative work. YEAH! I’m looking forward to it.

Look out, here I come!