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Go For Launch

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Yellow Wind, 2016 — Convergent :: (click to see more)

Yep the first pour went … well – kind of. LOTS of air bubbles that were hard to get out of the syrupy resin mix even after 25 minutes in a vacuum chamber but got most of them – with diligence. Then had some other little troubles that I’m not sure about. But guessing a longer drying time for the backlit print of the back element would prevent the weird little blemishes that appeared where the resin flowed over the front right of the print. Next time. And oh yeah, discovered not to scrape the last drops of resin out of my mix container as I pour it out – adds air bubbles – gah. What can I say, it’s a learning experience.

Also had to reprint the next set of clear layers – discovered I hadn’t flipped the image so it’s backward for the ink transfer – oops. Now cautiously waiting for those prints to thoroughly dry and cure before pouring the next resin layer – trying to avoid the weird blemishes.

Other than that, it’s a go for launch Houston.


Mould Building #9

Mould Building #10