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Factored Vignette

Light Signatures series, day, colour photograph, art, abstract, abstract expressionism, creative, city street, urban, downtown, cityscape, speed, blur, movement, motion, turquoise, blue, tan, muted, streaks, layers, offset, pattern

Stormy Brown Sweeping Over Turquoise, 2013 – Light Signatures :: (click to see more)

This past Sunday we were at the AGO and I had an opportunity to take a relaxed look at the exhibitions – haven’t done that in years. After working my way through the photography exhibitions I found myself in the contemporary Canadian section with the Group of Seven.

I remember seeing some Group of Seven paintings as a child at the McMichael Gallery with my mother. They left a lasting impression on me. Already having a strong affinity with the outdoors from camping and cottaging and then seeing these flowing elemental interpretations of the same were… incredible. I understood the paintings immediately.

And then to come upon Lawren Harris’s blue paintings of mountains and lakes again. My awe is renewed. I see why I’m drawn to simplify the elements in my own images. I love the strength of statement and his sense of light.

I seek the same in the city.