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Fearsome Dream

movement, motion, streak, rhythm, city street, urban, green, orange, turquoise, vibrant
Unnamed Fifty Six  — Sidelong :: (click image to see more)

When I was much younger I used to have this incredibly frightening dream – usually when I was ill. It would begin with me safe and disembodied in an all-white detail-less world – calm and enticing. An impending sense of doom would gradually creep over me as I realized I was rolling smoothly at a terrific velocity. Gentle undulations would begin in the surface beneath me getting stronger and rougher. In the distance and all around me I could make out chaotic texture in my formerly smooth white landscape – and all of sudden, I’m on the chaos and it shakes me apart and I shatter… and bolt awake freaking out. 

Even now recalling this is making me a little anxious – these dreams were so vivid and extremely frightening. Although, looking at these latest Sidelong images I recognize the movement streaks coupled with negative white space – I think perhaps they are similar to parts of my dream.