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New and Improved

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Offshore Breeze, 2016 — Convergent :: (click to see more)

Took the summer off to renovate our upstairs apartment and well, a ton of other stuff too it seems. But right before I began that lengthy project my resin and face mounted acrylic were delivered. So all the bits sat here ready gathering dust.

In the meantime my mould form was busted up and while cleaning and rebuilding it for round two, it dawned on me that it would just be easier to make a new and improved version. So I did and with any luck this new better designed mould form will make the build process faster and easier.

Also had some interesting conversations about unique art pieces. They forced me to revise my thinking about these Light Signature sculptures I’m building. All this time I was viewing this as a production process – a means to present the images in a repeatable way. Now I think the opposite – this is a separate process that will result in individual unique pieces. This has freed me to consider all kinds of possibilities.

In a lateral thinking move resulting from this insight, I believe I might be wrong about making these pieces so they build up from an illuminated backlit plane. Perhaps it will be better to make them so they are simply a clear block encapsulating wispy layers of colour –  so they can be viewed from all sides vs front side only. I’m imagining this will make the final piece much more ethereal and dreamy but also means it can be installed virtually anywhere – illuminated by it’s ambient surround.

I’ll might still build the first one with an illuminated backlit plane but for sure the one after that will be completely transparent with encapsulated wisps. Cool. Can’t wait.

Mould Building #23