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This is weird but I’ve always thought of entropy as the ultimate force in the verse – something to seriously contend with. And my answer to this ultimate of irreducible forces was to counter with creation. Cheesy as this sounds, I think this is the essential reason I make things – at least on a fundamental, analytical level – never mind intuition and emotion. When I analyze myself to death this is what I get down to – I make stuff to challenge entropy.

This is flawed logic of course – as I said entropy is irreducible which means my act of creation is leveraged upon entropy – my creation is built upon a deep foundation of destruction. This disharmony upsets me of course – but what can I do? This is the ultimate limit – the most basic nature of things. So be it – I suppose.

But – the antithesis to entropy would be organization – a potent force opposing entropy – perhaps the only opposing force. Intelligence is an organizing force – maybe the ultimate organizing force and thus ultimate opposing force – despite it’s ironic and absolute basis in entropy. I’m only now beginning to appreciate the amazing possibility that intelligence is a spontaneous, self organizing force in our verse – perhaps even the diametrically opposed, deeply entwined and ultimate opposite of entropy. Wouldn’t that be neat?

Yin and yang – entropy and intelligence.