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Memory – Of The Moment

abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion, green, blue, mauve, vibrant

Unnamed Thirty Eight — Sidelong :: (click image to see more)

I find it really difficult to keep my perspective – I’m perpetually in the moment, so it’s really difficult to see growth and change. It’s good to be in the moment for creativity but it leads me to despair when I can’t see improvement – which by definition being in the moment won’t allow.

This issue is tightly bound with memory – which for me at least, photographs are a powerful key for. It’s chicken and egg – which comes first. Am I in the moment because I lack memory or is it being in the moment prevents me from properly creating memory. Whichever, I have real problems remembering specifics of the past except in a general kind of large scale sense.

Am I using photography as a crutch for deficient memory?