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Stop Swimming Upstream

I’ve got this personal task that keeps popping up each month as a kind of spiritual growth reminder. Stop Swimming Upstream. Another way of putting it would be Go With The Flow.

As you might guess, this is quite hard for me – which is why I have it popping up every month. To some degree a lot of what I do in life and creatively is go against the grain so its an important trait or skill in my reserve. But as they say – as I often try to remind myself – balance is the key. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow in order to save yourself – its just I find it hard to decide when to let go.

The other part of this little popup reminder is Follow My Destiny. To some degree I believe in some form of destiny – I think there is a destination or general vicinity to which our lives point, but I also believe in causality – the path to that destination is up to us. For me, I have a tendency to take the most difficult path possible – for the challenge. But as I get older – yes older – I am beginning to recognize a pattern to things. That sometimes the difficult path – swimming upstream – isn’t necessarily the optimum, right, best or fun path. Hence the go with the flow idea.

I also have a desire – among all my other life goals – to be efficient with my time. So it’s necessary for me to balance my desire for challenge (to combat boredom) with my desire for efficiency. I don’t like to waste my time. This might be why I spend a good deal of my time thinking about things rather than just going at them willy-nilly. I don’t always think so much though. Plenty of times I just plunge ahead and work it out as I go – that’s fun too.

I don’t have the answers … yet – haha, but if I EVER reach enlightenment, you’ll be the first to know.