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Impatient For Forward Movement

I was just thinking about momentum and how it can often be difficult to build momentum in the things I’m passionate about. Why is this? It’s not for lack of interest. It’s just that every little thing conspires to get between me and my passions. I’m thinking perhaps my passions are not a high enough priority in my life, hmm?

Okay, that’s a fairly harsh assessment. My passions are very high on my priority list and I’ve become quite adept at sifting passions from passing fancies but my passions are understandably behind some other slightly more important and higher priority items that somehow conspire to take an inordinate amount of my time in sporadic and unpredictable ways. All this to say that I am ALWAYS impatient to get things moving. I like constant progression and generally speaking – on average, it needs to be in a forward direction or I get angry. I understand and am patient up to a point with lateral and even backward moves as long as they lead inexorably to that all important forward angle. I like to see improvement in my life or what is the point?

But momentum is a funny thing. Oil tankers have momentum but NOT maneuverability – just way too much inertia. So while momentum is good I also don’t like to sacrifice maneuverability. I like to be quick and agile. Consequently I tend to shy away from big investments in time, materials or whatever. Now a funny thing happens here because I have been known to have no problem stepping into complicated low agility situations and I think somehow in those situations I somehow manage to divorce or divert the circuit in my brain that would normally be howling in alarm. I haven’t figured out exactly how I’m able to ignore my internal alarms just yet. No doubt that reflex would be useful to have under conscious control.

Momentum cuts both ways and so I’m not so much interested in momentum as much as constant, consistent, forward movement. After all, if I’m going to be alive then I might as well be doing something useful with myself, i.e. something I’m passionate about – which just so happens to be something I’ll be motivated to do reasonably well and likely work hardest on.

Isn’t this essentially what life is about?
To learn… to strive… to improve… and reap the pleasure of these achievements?