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Life Milestones – Major Events That Shaped My Life

A Priori series, day, black and white photograph, art, creative, boat wake, water

Boat Wake In Miami, 1991 | 2011 :: (click to see more)

As I work on populating my new site with my images, I’m struck by the date clusters of the images I’ve made. Then it hit me – they correlate closely with major emotional and physical milestones in my life.

  • 1994 – split with my partner of 5 years and met my current partner of 17 years & shut down and packed up my last black and white darkroom
  • 1995 – my mother is diagnosed with cancer & I begin a major shift from analog to digital for completing and printing my images along with a pile of new gear and a huge learning curve – still shooting film
  • 1996 – my mother dies of cancer
  • 2000 – opened photography studio, purchased current home & computer colour management is FINALLY possible for completing and printing images
  • 2002 – purchase large format printer & first major exhibition of large abstract colour work – Metro Motion and Majesty series
  • 2005 – perform major home renovations in preparation for my new baby boy, born in July & shoot my last roll of film – now shooting in digital
  • 2006 – family cottage at Hope Bay in legal proceedings – trespassing to even go there, still can’t go even now
  • 2007 – second major exhibition of abstract colour work – Coloured City series
  • 2010FineArtPrintStudio.com art printing business is finally financially stable so I can concentrate more fully on my images & produce Airfish, a 3 channel/3 sided immersive video installation for Nuit Blanche 2010 in Toronto Canada
  • 2011 – begin finishing and printing my back catalog of negatives & begin collecting images for a new body of work – Light Signatures


It looks like I have bursts of creativity every few years, but really its more like the bursts get interrupted with major events in my life. I guess we’ll see how it proceeds from here. But I’m hoping to have an uninterrupted stretch of time to really hone my craft and produce like crazy.

Here’s to working hard.