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Two Steps Forward

Like a surfer, I’m still struggling to get past the crest of the wave of tasks I’ve got rolling around under me and I’m determined to do it. I know I could just ignore them and do creative work instead but so much of them are housekeeping items and repairs to things that make my life easier, more efficient and most importantly less stressful. I’m torn.

I’m going to keep clearing up these tasks with the aim to getting down to creative work next week.

Its always the case that the stragglers are the most difficult and time intensive to complete. Of course the one critical item for creative work I’m still struggling to complete is colour profile my new replacement monitor with my new replacement laptop and the whole thing has been further complicated with a major operating system upgrade that has required all sorts of updates to all the programs I use. Two steps forward, three steps back.

I’m just feeling down because I had expected to be done it all by now. Not happening that way. Deep breath, small steps and move on. We’ll see how well I’ve done by next week. Wish me luck.