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abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion yellow, green, orange, vibrant

Unnamed Twenty, 2017 — Sidelong :: (click to see more)

This morning I was considering what shape my next project might be. While I’m still very much interested in the intersection of time and rhythm I’m not certain how else to address them. They’re both fairly abstract concepts photographically and well, the resulting five bodies of work have been abstract too.

I’ve long been drawn to another form of intersection – which I’ve mentioned in the past as Alignment – when disparate elements unite to form a sum greater than the parts. This too is time based in that it can only happen at the right moment and is typically fleeting. I consider Alignment part of the quantum universe – ie when not observed it’s doesn’t necessarily happen but rather is a probable outcome. Photographically, Alignment is both figurative and representative but usually not thematically bound – therefore difficult to gather into a full complement.