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Weight of Life

Light Signatures series, day, colour photograph, art, abstract, abstract expressionism, creative, city street, urban, downtown, cityscape, speed, blur, movement, motion, green, pink, yellow, muted, swirls, triangles, shapes

Green Red Swoops Over Criss-Cross, 2013 – Light Signatures :: (click to see more)

Every so often I find myself remembering friends and family I’ve lost along the way with a lonely and heavy heart. I imagine this is what my grandmother is feeling when she speaks longingly of lost friends and family – what it feels like when you’ve outlasted your friends and lovers. If that’s true, then wow – old age is going to be deadly depressing having to face that each day – spirit crushing.

But alternately I think of my son and his chums and my delight in their stories and antics. Perhaps the balance to inevitable loneliness is to delight in youth – take enjoyment from watching those younger than us cavort and play. Maybe this is just the natural progression that occurs as we have families and age. I hope so.

Meanwhile it’s a poignant happy sadness I feel when I turn my thoughts to lost friends and family and the moments and ideas we shared. It’s a seductive longing for what was – the safety and security of the known and well understood.