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abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion, mauve, blue, green, vibrant

Unnamed Forty Four — Sidelong :: (click image to see more)

When I photographed with film there was a disconnect between when I made the image and when I made the print. I work iteratively so I update and revise my idea trying new things on the fly as I shoot … and then I forget all about it. With film there was a long period of time between shooting, completing a roll, processing multiple rolls and then finally making prints. I would often be unable to remember what I had been up to.

Photographing with digital dramatically shortens this process making it easier to reconnect my thoughts and remember my ideas. But – I guess there was a part of me that found the disconnect useful. Now I make photographs on an almost daily basis, then leave them on my computer for sometimes months, before I return to work on them.

Go figure. I suppose I do this subconsciously, perhaps to allow fresh perspective, with distance acting as a filter so only the really good ideas survive.