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Second Nature

abstract expressionism, city street, urban, movement, motion, grey, mauve, brown, vibrant

Unnamed Twelve, 2017 — Side Slide :: (click to see more)

So much of how I photograph has become second nature. Most of what I shoot is my family with my cell phone. They’ve become much more self conscious and aware that I’m making photographs so I’ve had to get stealthy. But even that is difficult because my so called stealth…. isn’t THAT stealthy. Seriously, there’s only so much you can do to disguise your actions when you have a cell phone in your hand.

As with most of my work I’ve adopted and refined methods so I can get the shot or video clip I see. It’s the same with the projects I work on. It takes some iteration to refine the process until I’m consistently getting the images I’m looking for. And often along the way I’ll discover new perspectives and opportunities for exploration – which is totally cool.